Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Kids

Color Your Own: Earth Reusable Lunch Bag Earth Day (April 22nd) provides parents with an opportunity to teach their kids the importance of recycling, reusing and protecting the earth. Here are five ways to make this upcoming Earth Day memorable and educational.

Earth Day Activity Ideas

  1. Go for hike…all the way from home: Give up the car for the day and all the amenities that come with it. Walk everywhere, including the grocery store, school, etc. At the end of the day, walk to a local park or trail to enjoy the outdoors. Use this as lesson about why you need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.
  2. Make it a party: Make the whole day a lesson in reusing and recycling. Start the day off with volunteering with a local community group to clean a road, beach or park. Next, plant a tree in the neighborhood or even your backyard. Finally, invite the neighborhood kids over to create some crafts from recycled materials. You can find some ideas at Inhabitots and other similar sites.
  3. Create a Garden: Many children only know that food comes from the grocery store. Teach them how to make a garden and plant their own fruits and vegetables, and why it’s important to either grow their own or buy local produce.
  4. Catching butterflies – and then letting them go: When we were kids, we were often out in nature catching butterflies, grasshoppers or doodle bugs. Buy a butterfly net, and let your kids have fun capturing and releasing insects. Teach them about how humans share the planet with a variety of animals and their importance in nature.
  5. Movies and Books: Buy a few eco-friendly books or movies for the day to help your kids become interested in environmental matters. After the movie or the book reading, ensure that your kids understood the message. Ask them questions, and get the discussion going as to why these green messages are important.

Earth Day Giveaway

We want your kids to really remember Earth Day this year, so we’re giving away a Color Your Own: Earth Gift Set. Your kids can color these 100% Organic Cotton, reusable snack bags and then take them to school. We want to know what you plan on doing with your kids on Earth Day. The best story wins the gift bag. Share your story on our Facebook page or send us a tweet via @ecoditty with a link to your story.

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