Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These simple three words have turned from a phrase to a way of life and have created a healthier planet along the way. However, they can sometimes be easier to say than to live by. While the availability of recycling services has increased the number of households that recycle regularly, reducing and reusing is a bit harder for people.

Tupperware was all the craze in the 1970’s. To think of an entire party being hosted around some plastic containers seems odd today, but it was the beginning of the reusing of containers instead of wasting foil, plastic wrap, or paper. Tupperware was well intentioned but, like many plastic products, consumers were not aware of the chemicals that were coming in contact with their food and their long term effects. So what’s the solution now?

Reduce your plastic use. At home, start by storing your food and beverages in glass, NOT plastic, containers. When taking food on the go, utilize one of our 100% Organic Cotton eco•ditty™ bags. We offer a wide selection of lunch, sandwich, and snack bags that ensure no synthetics, plastics or chemicals touch your food! They’re available through our online store or through one of our many retail partners.