Five Ways to Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is all about green: wearing green clothes, eating green foods and attending parties and parades with green decorations. This St. Paddy’s day, however, let’s make the green theme mean more than just the color – by going “eco-friendly green”. Here are five ways to really “go green” for this holiday:

St. Patrick’s Day Earth-Friendly Ideas

  1. Buy locally-produced foods for your St. Patrick’s Day meal: Keep your dollars in the local community, and cut down on pollution all at once. Buying local foods allows consumers to directly engage with the people who grow their food. It creates a sense of community and cuts down on the transportation costs associated with trekking foods across country. Plus, your foods will always be fresh and taste good since they’ve recently been harvested and are in season.
  2. Create decorations out of recycled materials: It’s easy to go buy plastic decorations from a big box store. Making your own decorations, however, allows you to recycle old household items and gives the kids a fun project to work on. Use old green bottles (like wine or even beverage bottles) to create lights or vases. Create shamrocks and hats for the kids to wear out of leftover felt. Let your imagination be your guide. Or use online resources like The Crafty Crow and Spoonful.
  3. Drink only locally-sourced beers: The craft brewery movement is growing. Seek out a local brewery, and bring home a growler. If you’re going to be hitting the town, then ask for a local draught. You’ll again be supporting your local economy.
  4. Create your own green dyes: Store-bought dyes often have chemicals in them. Instead, use fruits and vegetables like oranges, blackberries, strawberries, lemons, etc. Boil the ingredients, let it seep, and then strain out the solid parts. Soak your fabrics in the dye, or use an eye dropper to add it to foods.
  5. Walk or bike to the parade: We all love a parade, but that doesn’t mean that you have to drive to the parade grounds. Walk or bike to the viewing areas to save on gas and reduce your carbon footprint. If the parade is a little too far, consider public transportation like the metro or bus.

Green Your St. Patrick’s Day Contest

Eyes of the World Reusable Lunch Bags To encourage you to go “really green” this year, we’re giving away a free set of our reusable lunch bags. Tell us how you are going green this St. Patrick’s Day. Share your best eco-friendly St. Patrick’s Day ideas for a chance to win the Eyes of the World Gift Set. Write your story, and send it in to The best story gets the prize. Get writing now!

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