Eating Cheap, Healthy, and Earth Friendly

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When the day is done, making the commitment to take charge of your health and diet keeps you on a healthy and earth friendly track. Just making your lunch instead of eating out is a great start that gives you control over your health and budget. You can take green eating and living to a whole new level of health and money savings by planting your own garden, using reusable shopping bags, and using the tips from Colorado-based, Eco-Ditty.

Two Steps and You’re on Your Way

First, plan a week’s menu. Then take an inventory of what you have and what you

need. Once you have your shopping list, head to your local supermarket.

Shop Smart Tips

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  1. Buying at local farmers markets often saves shipping costs.

  2. Buying fruits and vegetables in season saves money.
  3. You can buy in bulk and use Eco Ditty bags to break your food into smaller portions.
  4. Frozen produce is much less expensive than fresh, and has about the same nutritional value.
  5. Do not over buy perishable foods.
  6. Substitute generic foods over brand names when possible.
  7. Join a few social media sites and get coupons. Here are a few examples:
  • Nutiva’s Facebook Page runs big discount specials every Tuesday
  • Other organic sites with coupons are Mambo Sprouts, Saving Naturally, Organic Deals, Organicfoodcoupons, Healthsavers, and Organic Deals and Steals.

Waste is Worst

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Americans waste an estimated 1,400 calories of food per person EVERY SINGLE DAY. Follow these tips to see how much wasted food you can save.

  • Raw nuts and flours should be kept in the refrigerator to last longer without going rancid.
  • Line your refrigerator’s crisper drawer with paper towels to absorb excess moisture. They’ll absorb excess moisture which will help keep produce longer.

  • Buy and keep bananas separated from one another, they spoil slower.
  • Turn almond butter, yogurt, sour cream, tahini and cottage cheese containers upside down when stored in the fridge to keep them fresh longer.
  • Placed limp celery, carrots, and radishes in water with a slice of potato to make them crunchy again.
  • Keep all organic citrus fruits in the fridge – they will last up to 1-2 weeks longer.
  • Do not wash organic dark leafy greens or berries until they are ready to consume.
  • Eat less. Use a smaller plate to control portions.
  • Compost all food waste to put nutrients back in your garden.

Start living healthy, eco-friendly and green within your budget by ordering Eco-Ditty reusable bags, or by contacting us at (303) 775-3494.